Tulare County Centralized Eligibility List

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I Find Out Where I Am on the List?

    The CEL is an eligibility list, not a waiting list. It does not operate on a first-come, first-served basis, but on the eligibility criteria and priorities of the subsidized programs as established by the California Department of Education Child Development Division. Each family is given a rank number based on family size and monthly income. Families with the lowest rank number are served first. A family's placement on the CEL can change at any time depending on the family's circumstances in relationship to other families on the list. When a program has a vacancy, the most eligible families on the CEL will be contacted first.

  • How Can I Increase My Chances of Receiving Services?

    It is very important that you keep your information up-to-date and accurate. Missing or inaccurate information will result in incorrect placement on the CEL. Report any changes in your income, family size, address or telephone number as soon as they occur.

  • What Can I Do While I Wait?

    For additional assistance in locating child care in Tulare County, please contact the Tulare County Office of Education Connections for Quality Care Resource & Referral Program by calling (559) 651-0862 or (800) 613-6262. A client services technician will help you find quality child care in your preferred area, as well as provide information about what to look for in a child care setting and how to find the best care provider for your child.