Tulare County Centralized Eligibility List

The Tulare County Centralized Eligibility List (CEL) is a one-stop system that allows low-income families to apply for assistance to pay for all or part of their child care needs. One application will place families on the CEL and the information will be available to participating subsidized child care and education programs in Tulare County. Parents do not need to visit or call each program to be added to their eligibility list.

The CEL is administered by the Tulare County Office of Education Connections for Quality Care program.

What Types of Services Are Available?

There are a variety of programs with participating agencies throughout Tulare County, including:
  • Half-day enrichment (preschool)
  • Full-day preschool
  • Latchkey (before and after school care)
  • Evening, weekend and overnight care
  • Migrant (Child care for families with 50% or more of their income from agricultural work)
  • Child care for children with special needs

Which Agencies Participate in the CEL?

Family F.O.C.U.S (Porterville) (559) 784-2214
Tulare County Office of Education
Connections for Quality Care
(559) 651-3026

Who is Eligible?

Families must meet eligibility requirements based on income and family size that are established by the California Department of Education Child Development Division. Most, but not all, programs require families to meet at least one of the following needs:
  • Working
  • Looking for work
  • Attending school or a training program
  • Medically incapacitated (unable to care for children)
  • Homeless
  • Referral by a social services agency

Agencies interested in using the CEL should contact Connections for Quality Care at CEL@cc.tcoe.org or call (559) 651-3026 or toll-free (800) 675-3026 for a log-in and password.